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2012 Mileage Deduction

IRS Deduction for Medical Mileage

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By Roger Chartier:

The 2012 IRS mileage deduction or IRS mileage allowance for medical purposes is set by the Internal Revenue Service.  What is the mileage rate for 2012?

It may not seem like much but the $0.23.5 (twenty-three and a half cents per mile) can add up.

If you drive to a medical treatment facility that is not near your home, let's say 100 miles away and back (200 miles) once a week you can deduct $47.00 each of those days.

Do that for 3 months (13 weeks) and you can deduct $601.00.

That ain't chicken feed as they say.

If you use good driving habits you can reap hte benefits that will ultimately pay for the gas and more for most cars.

You will have to keep accurate records for the IRS. Use this free printable mileage log.

It is actually a nice one and you can print it out from your computer.